Beyond Safe Products was created to provide the highest quality Organic products to the World at more affordable prices. Our Agricultural and Cleaning products are designed with the planet in mind. Our 100% Bio-Based solutions are fully biodegradable in 28 days and cause no harm to the environment. Our cleaning products use plant power to break down the carbon chain of petrochemicals unlike any other product on the market. They make cleaning fun again with how well they work. We have had nothing but positive feedback from people who have used our products and that’s why we are making them available to everyone.

With Beyond Safe Products

As for our Agricultural side, our Beyond Safe Plant Elixir is magic in a bottle. Our Plant Elixir has the ability to increase the size, flavor, aroma and yield of all plants ORGANICALLY. The Plant Elixir’s ability to increase the Brix level by up to 80% causes an amazing change in the health and vitality of all of your plants. We felt a responsibility to get this out to the Farmers and even the home gardeners around the world. The Plant Elixir can increase the yield of a crop, in most cases, by between 20-30%. And when a plant is this healthy, it provides natural defenses to mold, mildew, fungus, and pests. This product also reduces the need for MOST other chemicals and fertilizers. If pests are a problem for you, check out the testing results included on our website. We will also be including pictures on the website that show real testing that we have going on right now here in Pennsylvania. The results from all our products have been off the charts and we cannot wait for you to try them for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and check out our amazing new products here at Beyond Safe. We look forward to providing you the best cleaning and growing experience possible. We do encourage people to share their Beyond Safe stories and experiences with us at beyondsafeproducts@gmail.com.