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Our mission here at Beyond Safe Products is to provide high quality, Organic Solutions for cleaning and farming to the public at affordable prices and to help reduce the presence of toxic chemicals in our ecosystem. Why be safe when you can be Beyond Safe!!!

Building Better with BRIX

Here at Beyond Safe, we are firm believers in the BRIX count when it comes to growing just about any plant. Plants with high BRIX readings are often better able to withstand environmental stressors, such as drought or cold temperatures, and are less susceptible to insect and disease attacks. This is because plants with high BRIX readings have stronger immune systems and are better able to produce compounds that help to repel pests and pathogens.

The benefits of increasing the BRIX count are numerous. In this article we will address exactly what the BRIX count is and show you how our Plant Elixir increases the yield, quality, and flavor of your crops by increasing the uptake of CO2 (enhancing photosynthesis) and increasing the BRIX (internal sugar count).

The BRIX count is a measure of the sugar content in a liquid, such as plant sap or fruit juice, based on the refraction of light passing through it. The higher the BRIX reading, the higher the sugar content. In recent years, the BRIX scale has gained importance in the field of agriculture, as it has been found that plants with higher BRIX readings tend to have better insect and disease resistance, as well as better overall health and productivity.

A plant with a high BRIX reading is generally healthier and better nourished than a plant with a low reading. This is because plants use sugar not only for energy, but also as a building block for other important compounds such as proteins, enzymes, and phytochemicals. When a plant has a high sugar content, it is able to produce these compounds more efficiently,
which helps to boost its overall health and resilience.

In contrast, plants with low BRIX readings are more vulnerable to stress and disease and may require more frequent applications of pesticides or fungicides to protect them. This can lead to a cycle of dependence on these chemicals, which can have negative impacts on both the environment and human health.

Our Beyond Safe Plant Elixir is a Dynamic Bio-Stimulant, applied to the leaves of the plant (Foliar Spray), every 21-28 days, depending on the type of plant. The Plant Elixir enhances photosynthesis and the production of sugar, which is a basic function of all plant cellular systems.

When used on a regular basis, Beyond Safe Plant Elixir increases internal sugar levels in the plant (BRIX), thereby providing it with natural pest and disease resistance (termed systemic acquired resistance or SAR). Here are a few other reasons why our Plant Elixir is a superior product and why we bare the name Beyond Safe:

  • Beyond Safe Plant Elixir is certified as a 100% Organic, Bio-Based product and is safe for application, in and around, food processing areas.

  • Beyond Safe Plant Elixir is made from extracts of natural plants and all of the ingredients are on the FDA approved GRAS and EAFUS list of food products.

  • Beyond Safe Plant Elixir is totally Non-Hazardous with a “0” OSHA rating and is bio-degradable over 28 days.

  • Beyond Safe Plant Elixir is 100% Non-Toxic and boasts of a “0” rating in all categories of the LD-50 testing procedures.

Increases in yield and crop quality are also well documented. When Beyond Safe Plant Elixir is sprayed on crops, trees or plants, BRIX level increases of 50% or more are not uncommon, at times with BRIX level increases measuring as high as 80%.

By enhancing photosynthesis, we are able to stimulate and increase CO2 uptake and nutrient absorption from roots. It is important to note that by improving the plant’s ability to photosynthesize and produce its own natural defenses, we can reduce our reliance on chemical inputs and achieve better overall plant health and yield.

The use of our Organic Plant Elixir not only helps the plant grow bigger and better but is also effective at fighting off fungi and bacterial infestation, while deterring insects and plant disease at the same time. The Anti-Fungicidal and Anti-Bacterial qualities are also well documented, and we have been able to eliminate the use of MOST other chemicals when it comes to growing.

This “leaves” you with a completely organic approach to growing and stellar increases in yield, quality, and flavor all without the use of pesticides, fungicides, miticides, etc... We have also been able to significantly reduce the costs for farms to produce higher yields by reducing the number of other products as well as the length of time needed to complete the growing cycle.

As we continue to spread the word about the Beyond Safe Plant Elixir, we will be uploading pictures and stories for all to see on our website. Thank you for taking the time to read our article and we look forward to hearing YOUR story about how Beyond Safe changed the way you grow.

100% biobased soultions to keep you safe, BEYOND SAFE

Beyond Safe Cleaning Products work differently than other cleaning products due to the way they are created. Using 100% biobased ingredients, our cleaning products are formulated into a colloidal liquid biotechnology emulsion which makes Beyond Safe extraordinarily unique. The nanotechnology (nano
sized particulates) causes a change in how our product is able to break down the carbon chain of petrochemicals and is a departure from normal chemical/physical understanding. Again, making Beyond Safe extraordinarily unique. To help understand just how small our molecular size is at 4 nanometers, a human hair measures about 100,000 nanometers. That means that Beyond Safe Cleaning Products can penetrate the tiniest areas and encapsulate your messes for easy cleanup.

Beyond Safe Cleaning Products are proven to remove the toughest stains and grease. They are effective on a large variety of surfaces and will change your mind about the effectiveness of Organic Cleaning products. All of this while passing the USP antimicrobial effectiveness testing under USP 26, Chapter 51 for bacteria and also passes the USP antimicrobial effectiveness testing under USP 26, Chapter 15 for yeast and mold. Beyond Safe cleaning products are certified Organic and safe to use around areas where food is prepared or being processed, plus they are 100% BIODEGRADABLE. Testing that is visible on our website shows that our cleaning products can knock out some of the worst bacteria and fungus and remain effective for up to 28 DAYS with just one application! Beyond Safe also contains NO VOC’s, NO dangerous chemicals and ingredients are from the FDA GRAS, EAFUS and FDA food additive inert list. That’s why there is no harsh, suffocating smell when using Beyond Safe Products. It also eliminates odor causing molecules leaving your house, car, business,
etc… clean, fresh and Beyond Safe for up to 4 weeks in certain cases. We look forward to hearing your stories about Beyond Safe Products and hope that you are satisfied with every aspect of our Cleaners and Plant Elixir Products. Thank you very much for taking the time to read about Beyond Safe Products and we hope to make you a lifelong customer by providing quality products at reasonable prices.

John (JJ) Mussare (Manager)

Beyond Safe Products, LLC

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